Dimpled Wake of Time Bellows True Wisdom

It is a lovely day in the neighborhood and the sun shines bright each day. The songs sing clear without a sound and you know the music is near. Hold tight and cling to me, I know the way for sure. But I do know, the love that's pure, the love of the Red Road is here!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dimpled Wake of Time, she bellows True Wisdom

Death is beyond me can't you see,
I am the ever after and the evermore.
What can I be that is not within you.
It is the wishing well o f eternity.
We are only rainbow, can't you see.
But if dreams were butterflies with the bees.
My sun is living within me too.
Your sun is ever the way to be.
This light brings us closer can't you see.
So shine the light inside of you with ever lasting glee.
My heart is your heart eternally.
So why can't I have thy love with thee.
Why can't you know that I am here with thee.
Tell me whisper, I will listen to thee.
Remember it is thy master, the one you seek.
But tell me the whispers of eternity,
and I will tell you of rainbows and living bees.
My hope is you will return to me.
But if you turn away, I hope someday,
you will find me anyway, when the wind blows my way.
So remember me, I will remember you for eternity.
My brother sister, can't you see,
my heart blossoms whenever I am with thee.
Forgive me my children, I know your pain,
but Rainbows don't come easy when eternity rings.
So child remember Rainbows will always be
and my heart will be yours for eternity.
My heart bears wisdom for you and me,
we share the world of tomorrow more,
we share the story of evermore.
We share the life of the living tree,
because my heart knows your heart in the evermore.
My heart knows your heart in the more of more.
My heart knows you are there with me.
So I can't say goodbye to thee, because it is eternity.
I love you more each passing day,
remember me I love you for the eternity.
I love you more eternally.
I love you more than I can say.
I love you more.


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